Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My apologies for not posting new photographs for a while. I'd like to say it is because I've been working on my doctorate, but I've actually continued to neglect my studies. Aside from spending more days than I should take photographs around the area, I've been busy with a lot of changes in my life. Now that things have finally settled (a bit), I'm back to updating this blog (and my other blogs) as well as paying more attention to my studies.

Frozen Calm

Evergreens in White

Mountain Peaks

Calm Skies

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Clematis Art

There is this photographer out of north Warwickshire, England name John Edwards who does this amazing stuff with his photographs. He takes photographs of flowers and adds layers of special effects (filters, textures, etc.) to create art that could legitimately pass for paintings, watercolors, pastels, etc. So, I thought I would have a go at it. These are my two attempts using photographs of a clematis.


More experimenting with light.

On Watch

I swear, this seagull was actually posing. S/he stood on this piece of wood for at least 15 minutes and every time s/he heard the click of my camera shutter, it would look right at me and stare for the longest time.

Sailing into the Sunset

Sail Away

Alien Lily

African Violet

Forest Pond


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Went to Kent's Garden and Nursery to look at flowers. Generally the trip's purpose was to get ideas for our back garden, but more specifically it was to give me an opportunity to photograph flowers. We spent a good hour strolling around the place and not only did we manage to generate lots of ideas, but I managed to capture a lot of images. These are a few of my favorites.

Big Daddy


Hot Lips


Japanese Maple

Monday, June 9, 2008

Oyster Creek Falls

In Mourning

At one of the local cemeteries, there is an area that is composed of white gravel with large slabs of dark, round, stones circling the edges. In the center is this statue. I thought it very profound and stopped to photograph it.

Squirreling Around

I couldn't resist this shot. It was as if the squirrel were posing for me.

Snowball Petals

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Anchors Away

I haven't been able to get out all week to take photographs, primarily because of the weather, but today I took full advantage of the sunshine. I not only hit the marina, but drove out to the ranch in Laurel with the buffalo and hit places in-between.

I'm probably going to be cutting back on my photo expeditions to once per week simply because I need to get more done on my doctorate work. I've sacrificed study time for photo time, and I really do need to shift gears and get back to the studies. However, I love my photography time too much to completely turn my back to it so once a week will have to be my limit. Who knows? Maybe that will motivate me to finish sooner. The sooner I'm done, the more time I can spend with my cameras.

Mother Goose and Her Sister

Mother Goose

Seaside Rose

St. Sophia's

Where the Buffalo Roam Part II