Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Logo

So I have a new logo, courtesy of Rebecca Treadway - a graphic artist out of Sacramento, California. I have known Rebecca for many years, and she is an amazing artist. So when the opportunity came up to work together and create a new logo for 3MW Studio - I lept on it! Through her business - rlt designs - the new logo sprung to life.

I went with the fleur d'lis for several reasons.  While it has been done-to-death, the fleur d'lis is an important symbol for my family.  It is in the coat-of-arms on my mum's side of the family, and it carries a theme near-and-dear to the family... the number 3.

So you will be seeing this logo on all materials associated with 3MW Studio.  I am hoping it will get to a point where if you see that unique take on the fleur d'lis, you'll automatically associate it with 3MW.

Water in Grass