Sunday, September 14, 2008

Squalicum Beach

Sails on the Bay

Lameness Brings Experimentation

Okay, I'm lame. Not in the personality sense of the word, but in the "can't walk" sense of the word. I spent all day Friday avoiding work (both career and school) to drive around the area snapping photographs. Late in the evening I went up to Hovander again, hoping to get some more great photographs but instead I ended up hurting myself. Me being me, I didn't look where I was planting my feet and took a tumble over a small log and onto a gravel (we're talking pointy rocks not the little pebbles) road. In an effort to save my camera from feeling the brunt of the fall, I had enough reaction time to hold my camera up in the air as gravity decided to do a number on my body. This mean, however, there was nothing bracing my collision with the gravel and my entire left side hit the terra firma first. My leg got the worst of it with a deep, 3-inch gash on the side of my knee and the area between the gash and the top of my foot is covered in a solid bruise. I know... I know... I'm so graceful. It took quite a while to stop the blood from spilling down my leg, but now I'm all bandaged up nicely with strategically placed butterfly strips - meant to minimize the scarring (or so the medical professionals said). Now I can't walk. Well, I can walk but it hurts and I look stupid (far more stupid than when I took the tumble) limping around. Plus, this weird, high-pitched yelp comes from deep inside me whenever put any weight on that leg.

So, I've been staying off my feet which has given me the perfect excuse to experiment with the new Tiffen Dfx software I received for my birthday. Here is just a sample of what it can do...

Original Raw Image

Polarizer Filter

Gold Reflector

Silver Reflector

Ultra Contrast Filter