Friday, July 31, 2009



Rick said...

Hello! Wow, I was googling my own website and found out that you have been following my works and also included my website to your favorites. I really much appreciate your kind interest and also would like to advise you that the website is finally becoming available again, after almost 30 days offline for major changes. I'm heading now to a completely different approach regarding my works, so you are more than welcome to browse around when you have some spare time. It's still in process so read carefully about the coming updates, because most projects are due to become available later this month.

A big hug to you and thanks again for your kind interest.

Ricardo Cezar

Rick said...

Hey, I came back to post a comment about YOUR works now, as I'm not a self-centered person.

Well, your works look really good to me, as I'm a flower lover too, I just would suggest trying not to cut the edges, as if gives the feeling that the flower is becoming handycap, you know what I mean? That is an advice I also got from someone one day when shooting realistic/natural photography.

I would like to see what you can do, if you're focusing on one specific flower among many, try to leave that one totally centered in your focus, preserving the edges without capturing the other ones behind it. Also, if your intention is to capture only a specific part of your plants, go a little closer, so the edges do not matter anymore, as you cross the line between general view to only a few spots. What do you think?

I just hope this doesnt put you down, as I'm being genuine here and passing a few hints I have received from other photographers I admire the most. You have souch a very peculiar eye to architecture too, those sea images are really beautiful!

Well, I hope to hear from you soon, a big hug from NZ!

Have a wonderful Sunday out there.
Ricardo Cezar

Evil Pixie said...

Hi, Ricardo:

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate any advice I can get - especially about photography.

I paid a visit to your new website. Very nice. Did you design it yourself? I'm completely impressed.

Evil Pixie xoxo