Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The River | Bellingham Photographer

In what seems like the last day of sunshine around here, I spent the morning with a friend - just driving around and taking photographs.  These are two of the photographs I took... The river was low, so we decided to venture out on the rocky river bed - close to the water - and see what photographs we could take.

Frustrated with not being able to get the sort of photograph I wanted, I walked shin-deep into the river (yes, I still had my Sketchers on) and took the first photo.  The water was cold, and I didn't dare venure any further because the rocks were slippery and I knew I would take a tumble and possibly damage my camera.  The second photograph was taken with me getting as low as possible without soaking every inch of me in river water.  It's always good to remember angles count!

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